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Leadership is work. Analyzing your efficacy as a leader means delving into the question “What are you capable of?” versus “What do we need you to be capable of?” Our courses and sessions on leadership guide your response to the question “What are you trying to expand into?” and “How can we harness difference as a superpower?” We can help you design a leadership academy for your group that fits your just-in-time needs as well as future-fitting for the upcoming decades. …


Communication is an art made up of technical elements that people can master even if it’s not their superpower. The courses that make up our communication series help people develop collaborative communication with co-workers and have impactful conversations with people at all levels that allow you to deliver and inspire optimal performance. We help you to analyze your natural communication style. Then, we help you enhance your style. The results will reap positive benefits with the people you serve and inspire. …

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion,
& Belonging

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEI&B) aren’t just buzz words, they are actions and mindsets that shape the culture of every organization. Now is the perfect time to recalculate. Positive change will happen if your organization is serious about doing the work of DEI&B. After all, the end result will bring out the best in others and empower your organization its people, customers, suppliers, and communities to thrive. If you believe that your organization is answering the call for true allyship and inclusion we can support you in a variety of ways. …

Behavioral Assessments

Assessments can be great tools for leaders and employees to identify their style and use that information to develop a plan for the best way forward. Every assessment has a construct that it measures: emotional intelligence, personality, behavior style, etc. We can help you decide which assessment is the best starting point and guide you from there. We make access easy: online, or the old-fashioned paper and pencil way. …

Lean & Six Sigma

Lean provides a series of tools. Six Sigma provides the mathematical means of measurement to determine how much of an effect implementing the tools have had. Used together, you get process improvement and measurable outcomes. Both Lean and Six Sigma combine forces to make processes simpler, faster, less costly. …

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan is the result of a series of conversations about what is most important to the organization. Your strategic plan should be a roadmap that is so exciting to you and the organization that you have it out to share the progress you’ve made and learning you’ve encountered at every opportunity. Your strategic plan shares where the organization is right now, where it plans to be within the next 3-5 years, and the steps the entire organization is committed to be involved in to get there together. …

Team Building

You’ve announced the date, time, and location for the annual team building session. People receiving your message have mixed reviews. The person who is anxious in crowds and doesn’t want to be called on to answer a question checks their vacation time. The person who is recovering from the unexpected sting of a nasty email fears being placed in a group activity with the author. …

Board Development

Leaders are sought after for talents that extend beyond their daily work lives and into their communities to support causes they care deeply about. Does your organization know how to bring out the best in each of your Board members? In what ways is your organization bringing value to your Board members? …

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